Monday , April 6 2020

PIA advises its employees from asserting political pressure in service matters

Karachi: With aim to end political influence in the organization, the administration of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has issued a notice, restricting its employees from asserting political pressure in service related matters.

The notification issued by Human Resource department of Pakistan International Airlines reads: “It is being observed that some of the employees are asserting political pressure for their transfer, postings and other service related matters, which is clear violation of the code of the conduct”.According to rule no.48 of the Service and Discipline Regulation-1985 of the PIA employees and the administration. The political influence within the organization is alarming and readily needs to be tackled.

Notification tells that the employees have been asked to stop giving services under political influences , any such act where favours are given on political bases will lead to a stern disciplinary action.

The employees have been order to submit grievances if any with the Grievance Committee for the action according to the rules and the regulations of the PIA.

The music is likely to be replaced by Qaseeda Burda Shareef (an ode of praise for the Prophet Muhammad PBUH).

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