Tuesday , April 7 2020

PIA fat shaming its crew-lose weight or lose job

Start of the New Year has its own resolutions but surprisingly, PIA has the best one fir its cabin crew- either lose the weight or leave the job.

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) comes up with another resolution, yes you read it right! PIA is fat shaming its employees. They have directed that overweight cabin crew (though it is not yet specified what is the weight they consider beyond good) to lose weight by the end of January or they will be grounded.

Airline has also issued notification regarding this New Year resolution. The schedule has been given to its employees that told them to lose weight. Surprisingly, this requirement is making sense to many and apparently this is not the first demand of its kind and before this PIA demanded its employees on May 10, 2016 to lose weight.

The airline is “reducing the waiver of 30 pounds excess weight to zero pounds in the coming months” according to the notification.

With the target of losing 5 pounds every month the airline is urging its employees to lose weight of 30 pounds by July.

If anyone is over 30 pounds overweight after January 31, they will be grounded and referred to the air crew medical centre for medical evaluation and “treatment” until their weight is up to the “desired standard” or BMI, according to the airline.

PIA is facing billions rupees loss and they choose to tackle this problem, STRANGE.


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