Friday , April 10 2020

PIA flight to land Islamabad leaves 41 passengers behind in Madina

Riyadh: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) left for Islamabad from Madina airport leaving at least 40 passengers behind.

Sources informed PIA flight (PK-714) departed for Islamabad and from Madina airport and left behind 40 passengersincluding women and children.

The passengers were distressed and expressed anger over the negligence of the PIA crew.

Airport sources later on informed that airplane was small and not all the passengers could be accommodated.

The passengers told they were not informed and there was not any arrangement for any hotel for the passengers, until another flight came and brought back passengers.

It should be noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Jan 1 directed the PIA chairman to draft a comprehensive business plan to prevent losses of the national flaf carrier.

Imran khan expressed that Pakistan International Airlines must be an independent, profit-generating and responsible airline.

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