Tuesday , March 31 2020

PIA reschedules its flights for Sialkot due to runway repair

Karachi: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has reschedule its flights for Sialkot due to repair of the airport’s runway on Thursday.

Details shared by PIA Spokesperson revealed that the flights that were taking off for Sialkot have been rescheduled for January 15 and 16 are now to take off from Lahore airport.

Revised Schedule says that Damam flight that was previously bound to land from Sialkot airport on January 15 will now take off from the Lahore International Airport.

The flights that were to take off from Sialkot for Sharjah will now take-off from the Lahore airport, while Jeddah bound flight will also be operational from the Lahore airport.

“A Jeddah flight bound to fly from the Sialkot airport earlier will now take-off from the Lahore airport on January 16,” the new schedule says.

Meanwhile, two other flights, one International to Riyadh and other domestic flight to Karachi will also be operated from the Lahore airport on January

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