Sunday , May 31 2020

Planting trees is an unending Charity (Short essay for Kids)

tree plant

Trees are the great blessing of Allah to protect ourselves against Climate change and diseases. That’s why Islam prohibits the cutting of trees.

It admits of no doubt that planting trees is the best serving for humanity. Planting trees is not only beneficial for the man but also good for animals and aquatic life.

Protection from pollution and disease has only one solution that is “trees”. Trees cause raining that is good in the era of Global warming. Provision of oxygen- an essential element to live- can be ensured by trees.

It is a religious obligation to aware people about the importance of trees. According to experts, 25% of the total land of a country should be covered by forests. Unfortunately, only 2 to 3% of the land of Pakistan has forests that are an alarming figure for us.

Planting trees is not a responsibility of a government, it is the responsibility of every citizen. By keeping this in mind, every citizen should plan a tree on his/her behalf.

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