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PM Khan exposes brutal face of India and Kashmir atrocities :UNGA


New York: Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled the Indian atrocities and the malicious face of India in occupied Kashmir at the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s addressed to the UN General Assembly and said that representing Pakistan is an honor; I want to address 4 important points.

  1. Talking on climate change, he said that Pakistan is among the 10 countries affected by climate change, Pakistan’s glaciers are melting due to climate change. Pakistan is an agricultural country and if climate change is not done then let the country in serious danger. He says Pakistan is doing a lot for climate change but we cannot succeed alone, the UN will have to take measures to tackle climate change, no country can take any action alone.
  2. Regarding corruption and money laundering, Imran Khan said that the elite segment of poor countries is returning, every year billions of dollars from poor countries to developed countries, rich people illegally transfer billions of dollars to European banks. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that rich countries should stop sources of money coming from illegal sources as the money taken from poor countries can be spent on changing the lives of the poor. In addition, there are laws in wealthy countries that provide protection to criminals.
  3. Speaking on Islamophobia at the General Assembly, Imran Khan said that after 9/11, Islamophobia has spread to a dangerous extent. Because of Islamophobia, it is difficult for some women to wear the hijab. Associated with the terrorism that gave rise to Islamophobia. He said that radical Islam or terrorist Islam is nothing, Islam is the only one that Prophet Muhammad taught us; Heads of Muslim countries have not paid attention. He said suicide attacks and Islam were linked in the past, but before 9/11, most of the suicide attacks were done by Tamil Tigers, Tamil Tigers were Hindus, but no one linked Hinduism to terrorism. The Prime Minister said that the western people do not understand that humiliation of Prophet Muhammad is a very big problem for Muslims.
  4. In the fourth point of his address, Prime Minister Imran Khan exposed the brutal face of the India in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that the main purpose of coming here is to tell the situation in occupied Kashmir what is happening there. He said that before talking about the Kashmir issue, I want to make it clear that our government is against the war. No Pakistanis was not involved in the 9/11 incident but 70,000 Pakistanis were killed in a war which they did not belong to. He says that Pakistan has eliminated all extremist groups, so I request the UN to send its mission and check. He said that India had abolished the special status of Occupied Kashmir by disobeying 11 Security Council resolutions and sending additional troops. The situation is going to very dreadful when India will lift the curfew it will be a bloodbath. Another Palwama can happen and again India will blame Pakistan and if conventional war starts between India and Pakistan we will fight till end as I am a Muslim and I believe that “There is No God but Allah.”


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