Sunday , April 5 2020

PM Khan listed among top ‘100 Global Thinkers’

New York: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has been featured in the Foreign Policy (FP) magazine’s 2019 annual list of top ‘100 Global Thinkers’.

According to the Foreign Policy Magazine, “In 2018, Khan, a former cricket star, finally got the job he had long coveted: prime minister. His reward was an incredibly difficult-to-do list, starting with Pakistan’s looming fiscal and debt crisis.”

The magazine labels the list as a special edition, since it is the tenth consecutive time this list is being released.

No Pakistani expect the Prime Minister Imran khan is listed here because of his philosophical and philanthropist reformed thinking.

“The first group comprises thinkers who have had enormous impact on the world in the past decade. The other groups are for people who have been influential in the past year: thinkers and doers 40 and under, as well as those in defense and security, energy and climate, technology, economics and business, science and health, and activism and the arts. We reserved 10 spots to be picked by our readers. And, finally, we have a group of 10 great minds who died in 2018,” it explains.

Imran Khan Foreign Policy

The complete list is likely to be released on January 22 this year.

Yet another achievement for Imran Khan as he is improving his images and better and positive image of Pakistan.  In October, last year his name was placed among the top 50 World’s Most Influential Muslims’ list of 2019.

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