Sunday , April 5 2020

PM urges BRI countries to establish a Tourism Corridor

Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has stressed the need for further boosting connectivity under the umbrella of Belt and Road Initiative.

Addressing Leader’s Roundtable Session of 2nd Belt and Road Forum in Beijing today, he said we should also consider digital connectivity, mobility of labor and transfer of skills, cultural links and knowledge and innovation connectivity to further expand the scope of the BRI.

To implement these additional areas of connectivity, the Prime Minister, said that the BRI countries should establish a Tourism Corridor for cultural tourism exchanges. They should develop programmes for improving the skills of labor from labor surplus countries to assist the labor deficient countries. He said we should also create multi lingual digital platforms for connecting producers, consumers and skilled job seekers.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan is at the cross-roads of important regions. Throughout our history, we have connected ideas, cultures and commerce.

He said connectivity has been a part of our heritage and the CPEC is giving it modern shape in the 21st century.

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