Saturday , February 22 2020

PML-N doors are closed for Chaudhry Nisar: Mohammad Zubair

Chaudhry Nisar

Vice-president of the PML-N, Maryam Nawaz, after a long time of unconditional silence, PML-N’s unconditional support of the Army Act Law and an angry senior politician and leader of the party’s sudden visit to London is raising many questions.

It was reported that some PML-N leaders have intensified their efforts to rejoin Ch Nisar party and there is speculation that the former interior minister’s presence in London is resolving matters with the Sharif brothers.

However, a senior PML-N leader, Zubair Umar denied the rumours and said, “London is like a second home to Pakistanis, it is only a coincidence that they are going to London at the moment. There is no possibility of Chaudhry Nisar meeting with Nawaz Sharif at that time.”

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The former interior minister was ousted in 2018 after 34 years of association with the PML-N and Sharif brothers.

He directly criticized Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz in 2018.

Referring to Chaudhry Nisar’s active role in the party, Muhammad Zubair said that the chances of the former Home Minister returning to the PML-N are very low and PML-N doors are closed for Chaudhry Nisar.

While talking to the Independent, Zubair advised his younger brother Asad Omer to leave the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and join the PML-N. ‘PTI did not value him as he should have, Zubair added.

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