Friday , January 24 2020

PML-N filed petition against NAB amendment ordinance in Islamabad High Court

Shah Nawaz Ranjha

Islamabad: PML-N MNA Mohsin Shah Nawaz Ranjha has filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court, stating that despite the case being heard in court, the Government issues the new ordinance.

The petition states that the constitution only allows for the issuance of ordinances only in an emergency.

Every kind of legislation is being done in Pakistan as if there is an emergency in the country, petition stated.

In his petition, Shah Nawaz Ranjha said that Issuing an ordinance in the presence of Parliament is a violation of the Constitution.

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Mohsin Shah Nawaz Ranjha’s request states that more than 2,500 ordinances have been issued from Pakistan so far. Legislative power lies within the parliament. The court should seek a response from the federal government in this regard.

The petition calls for the issuance of necessary orders to expedite the trial. Leader Muslim League-N Mohsin Shah Nawaz Ranjha filed this petition through the Omar Gilani Advocate in the Islamabad High Court. The federal government and others have been opponents in the petition.

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