Tuesday , March 31 2020

Police seraches Yasrab Colony in Gadap to reach suspects

Karachi: Police launched a search operation on Friday morning in district Malir after sealing entry and exit points in Gadap and Airport areas.

SSP Malir informed journalists that the operation has been started after intelligence reported about the presence of suspects in the area.

In Gadap all entrance and exit points of Yasrab Colony have been closed by the deployment of large army of police and door to door search operation is going on.

In Shah Faisal town, a search operation was initiated in areas surrounding the airport.

A rangers launched operation against targeted killing, terrorism, robberies, extortion, kidnapping for ransom and other crimes that started in Speedometer 2013.

So far many people are arrested and various killed in encounters and the crime rate is controlled in the metropolitan city.

After the operation started, the graph of terrorism killings greatly went down, the common citizens and their possessions are now more safe than ever.

Reports in 2013 said that, around 57 incidents of terrorism are reported. The number increased to 66 in 2014 and 199 in 2015. The number of incidents, however, it sharply declined to 16 in 2016 and finally zero in 2017. However, two incidents were filed in year 2018.

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