Thursday , April 2 2020

‘Policeman’ murderer of three in Karachi’s Orangi Town arrested

Karachi: Karachi Police claimed to arrest the murderer, a policemen who killed three including two brothers in Orangi Town on Thursday.

Tanveer, is a policeman who was arrested today after the family of the murdered persons showed their doubts about him.

District west police told that Tanveer had confessed to the killing of three. “Tanveer is deployed at Crime Investigation Department (CID) Samanabad and killed the persons over a monetary dispute of Rs. 150,000”, Senior Superintendent of Police (West) Shaukat Khattian told this to media.

The SSP informed that the culprit had bought a plot from Nadeem, one of the murdered persons, in Rs. 150,000. When Nadeem asked for more money, they entered into a heated argument.

SSP told that culprit, Tanveer had bought a plot from the murdered Nadeem for Rs 150,000 and when the deceased demanded for money they entered into a heated argument.

“[Tanveer] killed Nadeem on this, and then killed other two to wipe out evidence”, he said.

Police told that Tanveer used an illegal weapon for the murder which was later taken into police custody.

Deceased were later identified as Imtiaz, Adnan and Nadeem, who were killed late night on Thursday in Pakistan Bazaar area of Orangi Town Number 14. Imtiaz and Adnan were brothers and  Nadeem was a friend to them.

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