Tuesday , May 26 2020

Policemen taken into custody for blackmailing Punjab Minister’s son

Three police constables  were ‘blackmailing’ Punjab minister Mahmoodur Rasheed’s son and friends and now they are taken into custody.

Police filed a case against them on Monday for blackmailing. After complete investigation it came out that constables Nadeem Iqbal, Usman Saeed, and Usman Mushtaq misused their powers.

They used to make videos of the couple on their phones and would blackmail them to get money.

These videos were found on one of the three suspects.

The case on rasheed’s son and his friends was to kidnap and bat police officers.

It was reported that two police constables Usman Saeed and usman mushtaq are kidnapped from the Ghalib Market premises

Interestingly, the case against Rasheed’s son and his friends was of beating police officers and kidnapping them.

On October 2, it was reported that two police constables, Usman Saeed and Usman Mushtaq, were kidnapped from Lahore’s Ghalib Market.

FIR says that, the constable stopped car because he saw a man and woman behaving unethically in the car. The women just called her friends who showed up, beat the constables and kidnapped them.

Mahmoodur Rasheed has completely denied the convictions against his son. His son and friends are on interim bail and out of jail.

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