Thursday , April 2 2020

President Alvi sees no threat to 18th Amendment

LAHORE: President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi has said there is no threat to the 18th Constitutional Amendment. However, improvement in law is always an option.

“The purpose of the 18th amendment was to give autonomy to the provinces so they can perform better and increase their capacities, and if there is something missing, it can be improvised,” while talking to a private new channel in an interview.

He further expressed that federation must have authority in certain areas and their signatory importance cannot be denied. He added, “There are agreements with other countries on which the federation is the signatory. The federation should guide on those subjects.”

Arif Alvi said that it is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that the civil leadership, the judiciary and the military are on the same side. The harmony between the three pivotal organizations is must, without which the progress is not possible.

He told that the recent issue between federal government and Sindh is not related to the 18th amendment as claimed by the PPP that has lately ruled Sindh and almost looted it. “The JIT report includes names of people from Sindh but it is not right to use Sindh Card,” he said.

While answering to a question about the PPP’s claim that Sindh is not being given its rights, he said that all the provinces are given their due rights and budget.

In connection with ongoing accountability, he commented that some people are objecting to it because they are being crushed for what they have done, its not political victimization, its the fruit of the seeds they have sown previously.


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