Thursday , June 4 2020

Prime Minister Khan fulfills the wish of ailing fan


Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday met with his ailing fan Alyza and fulfilled her long-awaited wish to meet him.

Alyza is a cancer patient, who wished to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan since he was her favourite personality.

She arrived in Banigala yesterday, and met Imran Khan in his residency. Prime Minister spent some time with her and inquired about her health. He also presented Alyza a cricket bat signed by him and prayed for her early recovery and called her ‘brave girl’.

Alyza lives in Denmark and is a chronic cancer patient. She had been expressing her wish to meet Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan through social media.

Sources tell that when Imran Khan came to know this he invited her at his residence and met Alyza and her family. She was seated on Imran Khan’s seat and she also took pictures with Imran Khan.

Earlier, PM Khan directed to make arrangements for a young table tennis and cancer-stricken patient.

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