Tuesday , June 2 2020

Prince William and Princess Kate are about to Arrive: Pakistan

Prince William and Kate

Prince William and Princess Kate will land at Nur Khan Airbase, Rawalpindi, For four days visit to Pakistan. This beautiful couple along with 3 their kids will stay in Pakistan for four days. Guard of honor will be granted to the royal couple.

During their stay in Pakistan, Royal will have a meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Moreover, the meeting of the President of Pakistan has also been scheduled.

This visit would be good to restore the shattered image of Pakistan. This royal visit will be held after a long period of time. Prior to this visit, the father of Prince William visited Pakistan in 2006 after the heavy devastation of the 2005 earthquake.

Moreover, a long history of royal visits can be observed in Pakistan. However, the most frequent visits of royal couples were seen in the 90s.

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