Wednesday , June 3 2020

Punjab govt launches website to help recovery of missing children

 missing children

LAHORE: According to Source Following Supreme Court order, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has launched online website to help in the recovery of missing children in Punjab.

All missing children,s Details have been published on the website. The website gives details of missing children present in Child Protection Bureau, orphanages, Edhi Homes and SOS Village, including 40 missing girls and 126 missing boys and children,s.

Missing Children Recovery


The  Online website titled as “Missing Children Recovery” is aimed at reuniting the missing children with their parents or relatives . It also offers a database which lists the children who have been recovered by the Punjab government in cooperation with the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, Punjab.

Missing Children Recovery


According to source It is pertinent here to mention that police was showing inefficiency in recovery of children, however police was now being provided technical assistance and its performance can be monitored now.

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