Thursday , April 2 2020

Qatar lifts ban on import of Pakistani rice

Islamabad: The government of Qatar has lifted ban on import of Pakistani rice which may add huge revenue to the national income.

Pakistan has been a major rice exporter to Qatar over the years. the lifting of the ban is likely to give Pakisatn an additional chance to reach the rice exports to US $40-50 million to the oil-rich countries and it will be ensured that the the quality of the crop is maintained.

During Prime Minister’s recent two-day official trip to Qatar, he persuaded the Qatari government and agreed to include Pakistan origin rice in the tender documents of the Central Tendering Committee which falls directly under the purview of Qatar’s Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

On average, Qatar imports 200,000 tonnes of rice, annually revealed a statement issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

Government is also making measures for exporting other good and build a good reputation in traditional markets besides accessing new markets.

In this regard govt is also managing the removal of restrictions on Pakistani products in foreign markets.

According to statistics, the exports were 80 to 100 thousand tonnes of rice per year worth US $80-90 million up to 2010-11, which hasdeclined to US $20-25 million per annum (21,000 tonnes) in last five years.


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