Saturday , January 25 2020

Queen Britain has approved Prince Harry’s request for a free life

Queen Britain

Washington: Queen Elizabeth of Britain has allowed Prince Harry and his wife Meghan to live independently of their royal duties.

She made the decision after consulting an emergency meeting convened by the royal family on Monday.

Prince Harry and his American actress wife, Meghan, created a crisis in the royal family last week, stating that they were falling apart from royal responsibilities.

Prince Harry now wishes to spend more time in North America with his wife. He said in a letter of separation from royal responsibility that he wanted to be financially independent.

However, many constituencies raised the question of who will pay for their special security while living in Canada or the United States, and in view of their lifestyle, it was also questioned how they would bear their expenses.

In addition to Queen Elizabeth‘s emergency meeting held on Monday, Prince Harry‘s father Prince Charles and his older brother Prince William also attended.

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After the meeting, 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth said the royal family would support Harry and Meghan in their decision.

In a statement, she said it was appropriate that Harry and Meghan perform their duties as part of the royal family. However, she respects her wishes and will remain an important member of the royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan had made it clear they didn’t want to be burdened with public funds with their new lifestyle. He announced that he would spend his next life in Canada and England.

Analysts say the decision between Harry and 38-year-old Meghan, 35, reflects the differences in the royal family, and it should be considered now that the role of the royal family in 21st-century England should be over.

It is reported that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan did not consult Queen Elizabeth or other members of the royal family before announcing their decision. He announced his decision on Instagram and his website.

Meaghan is in Canada these days where she is spending time with her son.

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