Saturday , February 22 2020

Rental Womb Business is on boom in Thailand

Rental Womb

In Thailand, despite the restrictions, women are doing the business to rent their womb for someone else’s baby.

Thai police on Thursday arrested nine people during raids against those involved in the surrogacy.

According to the news agency AFP, the former military government in Thailand banned surrogacy (renting a womb) in 2015.

Police say during the raids they found eight surrogate mothers, one of whom was eight months pregnant.

Police said that a 22-day-old baby and a four-month-old baby were also found during the raid.

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Police have raised concerns that 14 other children have already been smuggled to China.

It should be noted that news about numerous cases of surrogacy in Thailand has been circulating and this country was internationally regarded as the stronghold of surrogacy.

A number of scandals surfaced in 2014, after which the then military government banned Thai women from doing business as surrogate mothers.

In one such case, an Australian couple was accused of leaving one of the twins born of a surrogacy procedure by a Thai woman because one chile was born with a Down Syndrome while they took her twin sister because she was ‘normal’.

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