Monday , March 30 2020

Rescue 1122 hiring record sought by officers

Lahore: The Anti Corruption Establishment Punjab has sought the full record of the hiring on Monday sought record of hiring of several Rescue 1122 officers.

The record of the officers hired by the department is sought by the anti-graft body: DDHR Dr Fawad Shehzad Mirza, Emergency Officer (Finance) Ejaz Virk, Budget and Accounts Officer Bilal Ahmed, Emergency Officer Muhammed Aamir, District Emergency Officer (Sialkot) Kamal Abid, former Deputy Emergency Officer Chaudhry Aziz, Naeem Zarrar, Yahya Butt, Head of Law Ali Hassan, and other relevangt officials.

The Anti Corruption Establishment Punjab regulates and monitors the corruption level in departments of the government and in this regard it has called Fawad Shehzad Mirza in person on Tuesday.

Supreme Court (SC) in September last year took notice of the irregular hiring done in National Accountability Bureau (NAB) could not be ignored.

“How can the NAB overlook illegal recruitment’s being made within, while it files references against other departments in this regard?” asked Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh commented while hearing the case in similar ruling.

Supreme Court had directed to expel all the recruitment that are made illegally and on the basis of nepotism.

It was said that these people’s resume will be sent back and the department will make hiring through a procedure.

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