Wednesday , May 27 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin also goes into self-isolation due to Coronavirus

Vladimir Putin

Putin also isolated himself after being diagnosed with the Coronavirus in the hospital’s chief physician Denis Protsenko, who met Russian President Vladimir Putin last week.

The Russian president visited a hospital built for patients with coronavirus in Moscow on March 24, where he met with Chief Physician Denis Protsenko.

During this time, when Putin arrived at the hospital, he hand shook with the doctor and visited the entire hospital without any security arrangements.

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However, now the doctor who visited the Russian president has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, after which Putin has isolated himself.

According to the Russian presidential office Kremlin, Vladimir Putin is perfectly healthy and will fulfil his duties separately, while all official meetings will be done via video conference.

Following this situation, today, Putin also chaired an important official meeting regarding the Coronavirus through a video conference.

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