Thursday , April 9 2020

Sahiwal incident: Punjab Assembly holds in-camera session today

Lahore: Punjab Assembly will hold an in-camera session on the Sahiwal incident today, where provincial minister of law and the officials of the home department will address the members about the incident.

Punjab Provincial assembly is holding an in-camera session after a very long time in the history to discuss the Sahiwal incident, which took the lives of four people in firing of Counter Terrorism Department personnel.

The house will talk on the single point agenda in which provincial law minister will reveal information with the members of the Provincial assembly.

The speaker of Punjab Assembly ordered the provincial law minister on Wednesday to show information in front of all the members of the house during an in-camera session.

Opposition benches stressed that house debate should be started on the Sahiwal incident. The legislature members challenged the lawmakers to show that Sahiwal incident was not a made-up encounter by the Counter Terrorism Department.

Opposition rejected the JIT report and demanded that a judicial commission be constituted to investigate the inside matters.

A PML-N member asked why law minister Raja Basharat felt comfortable in sharing information on the gory incident with the media but not with members of the assembly.

Speaker Chaudhry Pervez Elahi told Law Minister Raja Basharat to give an in-camera briefing in the house on Thursday (today).

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