Thursday , June 4 2020

Salman Khan troubled himself by hoisting Pakistani flag in India

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is in hot waters after he hoisted the Pakistani flag in India publicly.

Local media reporters told that Salman Khan is currently involved i the shoot of Indian movie ‘Bharat’ and moviemakers told that he had to hoist the flag on Wagah border which was not possible because of serious security concerns.

Therefore, it was decided that shooting will be done in a complete set up or Wagah border in Indian Punjab village.

Shooting was going smooth and in one scene when he had to hoist the flag of Pakistan. The people got infuriated and immediately filed a complaint against the film makers and the cast.

Local bodies too sounded upset that how could you hoist the Pakistani flag on Indian soil. Even though it was just a shoot and no emotional attachment or personal desire, still local bodies filed a case against him.

Seeing this extremism, Salman Khan had to finish shooting and leave the village.

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