Wednesday , January 29 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 photos leaked key features revealed

Samsung Galaxy S20

There are still weeks to be held at Samsung’s most important event of the year, which announces its flagship devices, but details of its potential devices are being revealed on major technology websites around the world.

At the scheduled event on February 11, Samsung will announce the new smartphone of its most important product Galaxy series, which is said to be named Galaxy S20.

Samsung S20

No final announcement has been made yet, but some alleged images of this device have been leaked recently.

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According to reports, Samsung’s new flagship phone will not be named Galaxy 11 but will be named as Galaxy S20.

Samsung S20

As seen in the leaked photos, the startup screen has the Galaxy S20 Plus written on it, and this phone will also be capable of using 5G technology.

According to the Android Forum XDA developers, the 5G option will not be available in all countries because in some countries this phone will only be launched with 4G technology.

Samsung S20

The leaked pictures show that the phone will be launched with 4 back cameras.

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