Saturday , March 28 2020

Saudi women start smoking in public places

Saudi women

After easing women’s rights, Saudi women started smoking in public places.

Saudi Arabia has witnessed numerous incidents of smoking in public places in recent months.

According to a foreign news agency, 27-year-old Saudi woman Rima, who works in a private company in Riyadh, was spotted smoking in a cafe.

She said, “I think smoking in public is part of the freedom recently granted to women, I am happy that I can now choose to smoke.”

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Rima, who started smoking two years ago, rejected the harmful effects of electric cigarettes, but she’s worried her family will find out the harmful effects but says she’s ready for it too.

Another cigarette girl, Najla, says that despite rapid social changes, double standards exist, if a woman smokes, she is considered bad.

Be aware that in Saudi Arabia women are allowed to drive alone and to participate in the concert. In addition, Saudi women can travel without the consent of a male family member.

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