Tuesday , March 31 2020

SC reinstates life term of murder convict

Islamabad: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday annulled an acquittal order by a high court of a death row convict in the murder case, and restored life sentence.

The accountability court revoked the decision of High court that released the convict, Hazrat Ali who was serving lifetime imprisonment. A plea was submitted in the top court and the verdict of the high court was judged.

Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa commented while the hearing was underway, it was ironic that case probings aare not even detailed that too on Supreme Court level.

“The top court also spends time to understand the case background.” “It’s witnessed here that complications are further compounded to trip up the courts”, the CJP stated.

Lawyer said that the statements of the witnesses greatly differed , as a result of which the investigation became very difficult. CJ expressed displeasure over the witnessing not speaking truth. They failed to keep the honour of their oath they took before sating anything.

Justice Asif Khosa said that justice can only be imparted if the investigative institutions dig up facts pretty well and uncover truth.


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