Saturday , March 28 2020

Senator Rehman Malik to make a film on Kashmir issue

Senator Rehman Malik

Senior leader and Senator of PPP Rehman Malik has decided to make a film on Kashmir issue.

He said, “he will make a film to highlight the Kashmir issue globally.”

He added, “while writing the book, I came up with the idea of ​​making a film.”

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Senator Rehman Malik said, “50% of the script of the film has been written on the subject of Kashmir which I am writing to myself, I will inform the world about Kashmir issue through the movie.”

He added, “There is no final decision has been made on film’s cast and direction yet, but it is decided that the purpose of making it is to expose India’s crooked face in front of the world.”

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It should be noted that 200 days of continuous lockdown and curfew in occupied Kashmir have been completed. 

Mobile and Internet outages have disconnected the Occupied Valley from the world.

The cruelty of the atrocities is that even the brutality of the Indian forces has not diminished and the brave Kashmiris are also superstitious against this atrocity.

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