Wednesday , May 27 2020

Sex Toys sales tripled after lockdown

Sex Toys

After a month-long lockdown by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to curb the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic in the country, sales of Sex Toys in New Zealand jumped threefold.

In New Zealand, like in the UK, during the lockdown, people can go out to their homes only to exercise or access essential services such as supermarkets or pharmacies.

However, according to Sex Toys’ largest brand, ‘Adult Toys Mega Store’, locals are currently buying products for adults.

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An official from the store said: ‘Of course it looks like people are saying: I have a lot of time now, so I have to try new things.’

The ‘Adult To Mega Store’ has been included in essential services in New Zealand as it also sells condoms with other medical products and therefore allowed the store to continue operations during the lockdown.

The brand has also seen a surge in sales in the UK and Australia, especially on March 21 and 22 when govt orders to closed restaurants and bars in the two countries.

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