Sunday , May 31 2020

Sheer Madness!!! India’s Nuclear Weapons Arsenal Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger

India's Nuclear Weapons

India is estimated to have produced enough military plutonium for 150 to 200 nuclear warheads, but has likely produced 130 to 140. According to Hans Kristensen and Matt Korda of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists. “Nonetheless, additional plutonium will be required to produce warheads for missiles now under development, and India is reportedly building several new plutonium production facilities.”

In addition, “India continues to modernize its nuclear arsenal, with at least five new weapon systems now under development to complement or replace existing nuclear-capable aircraft, land-based delivery systems, and sea-based systems.”

“Despite the upgrades, the original nuclear bombers are getting old and India is probably searching for a modern fighter-bomber that could potentially take over the air-based nuclear strike role in the future,” the report notes. India is buying thirty-six French Rafale fighters that carry nuclear weapons in French service, and presumably could do for India.
Addressing a seminar at the Air University Islamabad, the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi,  explained the priorities of Pakistan’s foreign policy and observed the Indian ambitions that undermine regional peace, security, and stability.

The Foreign Minister observed that Pakistan desires peace and strategic stability that would allow it to focus on its socio-economic development and prosperity. He noted that Pakistan’s conduct continues to be characterized by “restraint and responsibility, and the avoidance of an arms race.” However, he cautioned that Pakistan “cannot remain oblivious to the evolving security dynamics in its immediate neighborhood.”

A nuclear war between India and Pakistan would result in the instant deaths of 125 million people, according to new research.

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