Monday , April 6 2020

Shehbaz slammed for making ‘personal attacks’ on Prime Minister

: Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Political Affairs Naeemul Haq showed displeasure on Thursday over Shehbaz Sharif’s statement in which he attacked Prime Minister Imran Khan ‘personally’.

Naeem Ul Haq took to Twitter and wrote: “Shahbaz better decide if he wants to play a positive role in NA and instruct his chamchas to behave. How dare he and his chamchas make personal attacks on PM in the NA.Does he want to spend more time in jail sulking? Does he want his Production ordered to be revoked? Last chance.”

He slammed opposition leader and PML-N chairperson Shehbaz Sharif for speaking ill of Prime Minister in the National Assembly and personally attacking him.

Senior Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader in another tweet said: “If Shahbaz wants to come to NA to abuse the PM and encourage his Chamchas to do the same then he should know that the production order is not meant for this . He must make a commitment to abide by the decisions of the Ethics Committee and the Rules of Business.”

While talking to journalists on Wednesday in Islamabad, he said opposition behaved irresponsibly and non-seriously during all the session of the National Assembly. “There are no differences in the ranks of the coalition partners,” he expressed while responding to the question of one of the journalist,

Earlier, yesterday, the members of the Opposition started raising slogans soon after the Speech of opposition leader, Shehbaz Sharif ended.

The slogans continued during the speech of Finance minister Asad Umar.

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