Wednesday , January 29 2020

Sheikh Rasheed breaks his silence about Hareem Shah and leaked videos

Sheikh Rasheed

Sheikh Rasheed broke his silence first time after the several videos of him released by Hareem Shah.

Sheikh Rasheed’s statement finally came after the TikTok star Hareem Shah make a stir in the political environment.

“There’s nothing wrong about talking on the phone with someone”, Sheikh Rasheed said about his video call with Hareem Shah.

According to local media reports, Talking to the media at the Parliament House, he denied Hareem Shah’s claims regarding his marriage, saying that I did not marry or have “nikah mut’ah” with anyone.

He further said that “I do not know even the meaning of “nikah mut’ah”, those who did it must know about it.”

It should be noted that last week, Hareem Shah, who has earned fame from TikTok application, said that the Federal Minister of Railways, Sheikh Rasheed, is her brother-in-law.

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In an interview with a local Tv channel, Hareem Shah said that she has family terms with Sheikh Rasheed, she claimed that Sheikh became her brother in law because he married to a close friend of her.

Later, another video of Sheikh Rasheed was released in which Harem Shah is asking Sheikh Rasheed why you did not marry, to which the Minister replied, “At this age, I can not take the risk to get married, in this age you get marry for neighbours, because when you go to work your neighbours enjoy it.”

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