Monday , March 30 2020

Sheikhupura industrial waste cause mass death of fishes in canal

Sheikhupura: The discharge of factories industrial waste in Q.B. Link Canal has caused lethal effects for the fishes which are dying in large number.

The untreated factory waste is being discharged publicly in the factory area at the Lahore-sheikhupura road. The canals and rivers are the perfect view of water pollution in the area. The environmental hazards have grown tpo manifolds due to this spillage.

Fish caught from the canal is unhygienic and cannot be consumed by the humans, since it is extremely toxic and most of the time fish caught is dead.

Sheikhupura is one of the major industrial area in Punjab where hundreds of factories include textile, chemical, food processing, pulp and paper, poultry, dairy, plastic, paint, pesticides, leather, tanneries and pharmaceuticals, creating environmental and water pollution. The spillage into the nearby canals  and untreated chemical causing huge water pollution and the toxic gas released from the chimney is causing air pollution.

In farooqabad, the waste is disposed off in the canal without treatment.

The poisoned fish caught from the polluted water is sold in local markets and has also caused serious health concerns in the consumers


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