Wednesday , May 27 2020

Shortage of face masks, Trump advises citizens to wear Hijab


US President Donald Trump advises people to wear Hijab in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the United States, causing severe shortages of face masks, sanitizers, ventilators and other medical devices.

According to a foreign news agency, US President Donald Trump has advised citizens that they can wear scarves to avoid the virus.

US President Donald Trump said that you can buy masks, but many people will have scarves and you can wear these scarves instead of masks.

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Earlier, a US Department of Health spokesperson had told Americans not to use a face mask unless they were ill, but now they are asking the public they must use a face mask to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

US President Donald Trump has also warned of up to 2 lakh deaths due to the Coronavirus and warned that the next two weeks will be extremely painful for US citizens.

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