Tuesday , April 7 2020

Sindh govt extends Rangers’ special powers by another 90 days

The power of Rangers in Sindh have been extended for another 90 days.

The Sindh government has recently released a notification where it was explained that the paramilitary force will have the right to exercise its special powers in the province till April 5.

Previously the power of the para-military forces have been extended for 3 months and the crime rate was greatly reduced.

They conducted many raids and arrested many people involved in crime, money laundering and smuggling. Ever since the rangers have started exercising the powers in Sindh, the crime is greatly reduced and many people who were involved in crimes were apprehended.
Seeing this, Sindh govt decided to extend their span to exercise their authority.

The powers are granted under Section 4 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997.

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