Monday , June 1 2020

Sindh Minister takes notice of writer Kamlani’s worse conditions.

Karachi: Syed Sardar Ali Shah, Sindh Minister for Education, Culture and Tourism took immediate notice on the worsened condition of a famous artist on Thursday. He took notice after seeing Mushtaq Kamlani’s photo in torn our clothes going viral across social media. 

Sources tell that  Syed Sardar Ali Shah ordered the director general of Culture Department to provide treatment to the famous literary personality on immediate basis.

It is important to mention here that the literary person, Mushtaq Kamlani was found begging on the roadsides of the area Sujawal. His physical condition was heart wrenching, feeble body and torn apart clothes.

SSP Sajawal Saud Masi on Wednesday met the famous author and announced that he will give all the money for his treatment.  He is reported to have given him Ajrak and also his one month salary. Sindh IG is also reported to have made a visit to Mushtaq Kamlani’s and inquired about his health.

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Sindh Police recently took to twitter to inform and assure people that he will be taken care of .Spokesperson from the department tweeted:
ممتاز کہانی نویس مشتاق کمالانی کی بیماری کے حوالے سے سوشل میڈیا پر وائرل ہونیوالی خبر پر ایس ایس پی سجاول سعود مگسی انکے گھر گئے اور عیادت کی۔ ایس ایس پی سجاول نے اس موقع پر مشتاق کمالانی کا اپنی جانب سے علاج معالجے اور ایک ماہ کی تنخواہ دینے کا اعلان کیا۔

It was revealed that Kamlani’s house and plots were snatched away from him and he was forced to live on foot paths and roadside. He was barely left with a clothes to hide himself.

Mushtaq Kamlani has several books written on his credit.

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