Thursday , April 2 2020

Sindh police to launch app for reporting kidnapping incidents

Karachi: Inspector General of Sindh Police Dr Syed Kaleem Imam ordered the information technology department on Friday to form an application for dealing the incidents of kidnapping of children.

Sindh IG has ordered for developing the application towards the end of the month. “The deputy inspector general of Crime Investigation Agency will himself look into cases of missing children,” he said.

Police will have to incorporate modern technical methods to trace missing children.

Sindh police has told that parents of the kidnapped children will have to give the details of their missing kids to police through this application.  “Cases will also be lodged with the help of the information given on the application,” he said.

Special Police force teams will be formed to look into the missing children cases, told the police officials.

While talking to media, he mentioned that few days back Sindh Police launched an application, ‘Police for You’ that was developed few days ago to report street crimes.

Kaleem Imam previously shared his WhatsApp number for the general public, and ordered people to directly file their complaints to the police.

The WhatsApp  number 03000021881 is dedicated to receive complaints like terrorism, target killings or any other suspicious activities.

“Masses should keep an eye on their surroundings, neighborhood and should inform at 15, nearest police station, in case of any suspicious activities, bag, car or any other unforeseen incident,” the IGP continued.

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