Monday , March 30 2020

Sindh police turns model police station into scrap yard in Karachi

Karachi: Sindh police negligence resulted into a waste less scrap yard like police station that was once gifted by the Sindh Rangers, reported on Wednesday.

Sources Informed that historical Risala police station was handed over by the rangers to the Police after transforming it into a model Police Station, in 2017, sadly it has extremely abysmal condition now.

The police station was established in 1948, after it was commenced by the Director General Rangers Sindh in March, 2017, this was gifted to police who failed to preserve its decorum and physical condition.

This is yet another picture of the negligence of Sindh police. The police station is looking more like a scrap-yard, LED lights and Close Circuit Cameras (CCTVs) have become out of order.

This is not all, the air-conditioner, water cooler and dispenser installed in the police station are also missing. Old vehicles and motorcycles are all faulty and rusty.


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