Tuesday , March 31 2020

Sindh won’t provide funds for construction of Nai Gaj dam: CM Murad

Karachi: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah presided a meeting to review progress on the under construction Nai Gaj Dam, a project of the federal government.

“The federal government wanted Sindh to contribute rupees 22bn for the construction of the dam, as its cost has jumped to 47.7 bn rupees from the actual cost of rs. 9bn,” the authorities briefed CM Sindh Murad Saeed today.

Sindh’s chief executive replied saying that province cannot give funds for the construction of the Nai Gaj Dam from its share.

“The federal government should complete the project from its kitty, like it has completed in other provinces as it was a solely its [federal government] project,” he blatantly said.

While discussing about the k-4 project, Murad Shah said that 260 MGD water for the project will be funded by the federal government and Sindh doesn’t have to pay any share of the fund.

Nai Gaj Dam is an embankment dam whose construction is underway on the Gaj River in the gorge area at the edge of Kirthar Mountains range at about 65 km (40 miles) north-west of the Dadu district, Sindh.

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