Monday , May 25 2020

Singer Annie Khalid shares her fitness struggle from being fat to fit to inspire others


Singer Annie Khalid shared her weight loss story for motivational purposes for those people who find it hard to lose weight.

Sharing a collage of her before and after pictures, Annie wrote, “You can do it! Left is after I had Isha (daughter) and the right pic was taken a few weeks ago. I was on the keto diet but keeping in mind I have hypothyroidism it took me way longer than it usually takes someone without the disease to lose the weight,” she wrote.

She added, “So for all those people who msg me that they’ve lost motivation to lose weight I hope I can inspire you to never stop trying!”

The singer rose to fame in 2005 with the single Mahiya, which was used in Bollywood film Awarapan (2007).

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