Tuesday , May 26 2020

Smog chokes: Schools remains shut down until November 5 as air pollution severe


Schools will be remain shut down until Nov 5, the city government said on Friday, as residents breathed the season’s worst air for a third straight day, Indian media reported the notification for the Indian capital Delhi.

A government-appointed environment panel declared Delhi’s air pollution a public health emergency.

“This is a public health emergency as air pollution is now hazardous and will have adverse health impacts on all particularly the children,” Indian Environment Pollution Control Authority said.

Meanwhile, Lahore on Tuesday witnessed the worst air quality in the world, According to Air Visual, an organization that provides free access to the world’s largest air quality database and ranks the world’s cities according to the Air Quality Index (AQI), Lahore is now on number 2 in the list of cities having the worst air quality in the world with an AQI of 188.

According to the Pakistani Air Quality Monitoring Project, The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that there are many reasons to be worried about the air quality in Lahore, with a yearly average of 68 µg/m3 of PM2.5, which corresponds to a 155 unhealthy Air Quality Index.

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