Monday , June 1 2020

Smog likely to engulf Lahore city

Lahore:  Air pollution crisis is back, as Lahore is likely to be surrounded by smog once again.

According to air-pollution measuring application the score of the air quality index (AQI) for Lahore has gone over 300. Which means smog is somewhere around.

Experts say if the winds from India blow towards Pakistan. It will come into a problem since the wind will carry huge amount of smog with it. Meteorological Department has already warned Lahoris that if the dry weather stays, smog is likely to return.

The chances of smog are always high in November and December. It is usually developed due to poor rainfall and high air pollution.

“There are always chances of smog in November and December. It can develop due to a rainfall gap as well,” Chief Meteorologist Muhammad private news channel.

The main reason is crop burning and smoke from brick kilns and exhausted fumes from factories and vehicles.
The Govt has imposed ban on the crop burning, and brick kilns to prevent smog.

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