Tuesday , May 26 2020

‘Students, not terrorists’: Pakistani men become target of fake news in India

Two Pakistani students found themselves in the middle of a controversy after their picture was used by the Indian media to spread fake news.

The students posed near a black milestone, which reads Delhi 360 km and Ferozepur 9km, during a trip to Ganda Singh Wala border. The Indian media blew the story out of proportion and ran fake news on how the two men are terrorists, who plan to attack India. A link between them and Ajmal Kasab, a man convicted for orchestrating Mumbai attacks, was also established. Without verifying the news, the Indian police put up posters of the picture at different locations and asked people to help arrest them.

It has now been revealed that they are the students of Jamia Taleemat-e-Islamia, Faisalabad. “We want to assure people that the two men are our students and they haven’t even been to India,” said the head of the madrassah.

He remarked that the philosophy of their institution is that students should only focus on their education. “Our students do not engage in any political or religious activism. They are not a part of any organisation. Books are their only friends,” he remarked.

One of the students, Tayyab, said that he took a picture with his friend as a memory. He said that he didn’t know how or when the picture went viral on WhatsApp.

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