Monday , June 1 2020

Supreme Court reserves verdict on Faizabad protests

Supreme Court bench comprising of two-members heard the  Faizabad protests case today. Justice Qazi Faez Isa and Justice Mushir Alam were the constituents of the bench.

The bench resented the role of PML-N government, political party PTI, PEMRA and Election commissions role during 2017 faizabad sitting .

Justice Isa questioned: “Will the ‘hidden forces’ decide Pakistan’s future?” He further said that those who do not bend their selves to the constitutions are the traitors.

He questioned why no convincing step was not taken against TLP and who dared to suspend the media and why PML-N government did nothing during this scenario.

He said that we are living a state that has free media, why is our media being controlled by someone else. In whose hands is the power to control media. He was very much disappointed over the whole situation.

Justice Isa warned Attorney General Anwar Masood Khan that court could not proceed well because of his failure to appear in the court.s

“What business does the attorney general have with economics?” Justice Isa commented.

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