Tuesday , June 2 2020

Suspension of Free Ambulance Service in Sindh

ambulances of Aman Health Care

Karachi: Owing to the lack of funds, the Sindh government has decided to suspend the Ambulance services in Karachi.

According to the agreement, the ambulances of Aman Health Care have been provided to the Sindh government. Total expenditures of 60 Ambulances have to be paid up to 41 crores, however, lack of funds causes the suspension of Ambulance service.

After the agreement, Aman health care name was changed into Sindh Rescue and Medical Service. Almost 300 patients got benefitted from this service of the Sindh government. Gradually, the total number of ambulances starts to decrease with the passage of time.

The beginning of October sees only 15 ambulances under Sindh Rescue and Medical Services. In the mid of this month, this program lost all its ambulance due to a lack of funds.


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