Wednesday , May 27 2020

Sweden becomes the only European country which decides not to go on lockdown


At a time where full or partial lockdowns have been implemented in more than 150 countries around the world due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, life is normal in a European country Sweden.

Associated Press (AP) reports that despite the cases of Coronavirus reported in the European country Sweden, the routine is restored and not only there are plenty of shops grocery stores are open, but also liquor and coffee stores are open.

The report said that despite strict lockdowns being implemented in other countries of the world and even in neighboring countries, lockdowns have not been announced in Sweden, however, the government has directed people to take responsibility.

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Sweden’s government has advised people to stay home and work from home, while people over 70 age are better to not leave the home.

Sweden’s government has allowed up to 50 people standing anywhere, but a gathering of more than 50 people is banned.

Interestingly, the Swedish government has not banned people from sitting in any hotel, gambling or nightclub and still lives in hotels in many cities in Sweden is continue as routine.

It should be noted that by the afternoon of March 30 in Sweden the number of Coronavirus patients had risen to 3700 while the number of casualties there had risen to 110.

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