Tuesday , June 2 2020

Tajiskisatn to launch dam to cut off power shortage

On Friday Tajikistan launched a $3.9 billion hydro-electric power plant that will enable the impoverished country to eliminate domestic energy shortages and export electricity to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The dam is built on A river called Vakhs in southern Tajikisatn. The plant is expected to reach the height of 1099 feet, becoming the worlds tallest hydro-electric dam.

Six turbines will be functional from Friday (today) and the power plant is likely to reach a capacity of 3600 megawatts-when completed.

The landscape is rugged and the river is diverted that flew from Pamir mountains. This will eradicate a chronic energy deficit of the country, production will be served for nine million people. surplus can be sold to neighbouring countries such a Pakistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

The plan traces back to soviet era but the completion is beginning now. $5oo million were raised to finance the dam construction in last year.

It is said that the project is of immense significance to the country.

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