Tuesday , May 26 2020

Taliban, Afghan Govt, US and Pakistani officials meet in Moscow

Moscow: Second round of Talks in Afghanistan begin today in Russia. Delegations of the Taliban, Afghan government, US and Pakistan, among other countries, are meeting in Moscow on November 9 (today).

“We especially welcome the delegation of the High Peace Council of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in his opening speech.

Russian Foreign minister said that this meeting is taking place in view to promote direct dialogue between government, Taliban and representatives of the common interest.

Regional partners together shall provide comprehensive construction in the dialogue, he moreover said, “It is clear that on the way to this goal we need to overcome many hurdles, including accumulated mistrust and grievances.”

We are all set to help Afghanistan in their hardships and uproot terrorism.All countries will come together against international terrorism threats.

Russian miniter further said that we want to eradicate terrorism from Afghanistan and other countries should help us in creating peace in this region.

This is the second meeting of the format.It is co-chaired by Russia and Afghanistan.12 countries were invited over the talks including Taliban head and US.

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