Monday , April 6 2020

Taliban killed 21 Afghan security forces, city threatened.

Kabul: Talibans killed more than 20 Afghan security forces in simultaneous raids on a provincial capital and district in northern Afghanistan on Tuesday.

Contingent of militants were outside Sar-e-Pul city, which provincial governor spokesman Zabihullah Amani said are prone to risk by the Talibans if reinforcements were not sent.

“The enemy is still amassing forces outside the city,” Zabiullah Amani told AFP. “We have deployed all the forces available in the city, but no reinforcements have arrived from outside so far.The people inside the city are very worried.”

Taliban fighter attacked on Sar-e-Pul and its adjacent district Sayad on Monday night. The attack was planned to take control of the oil wells that are surrounding the city.

Around 21 local forces, including the officials of police and Intelligence are gunned down. Another 23 people wounded during the attack.

“They have attacked the city multiple times previously, but this time the threat is huge since the attack was very much planned and focused,” he said.

A security official who talked to AFP about the anonymous condition reduced the death toll slightly to 15 to 20 local forces.

Interior Ministry in Kabul confirmed the death but it is decided that the details will not be told to any agency.

The Taliban confirmed the attacks, saying their fighters had captured three checkpoints and killed or wounded 50 members of the security forces.

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