Tuesday , February 18 2020

Tech News

How to recover deleted photos from Android phones?

recover deleted photos

How to recover deleted photos from Android phones? Have you ever accidentally deleted an image on a smartphone or digital camera that caused you trouble? If yes, you are not the only person who has had this experience so often happens to people and they do not understand how to …

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Another video of Samsung folding phone leaked

Galaxy Z

Samsung’s next folding phone after Galaxy Fold is expected in February but a video of the phone has already gone viral on social media. Technology experts say that 2020 is the year of folding phones because last year at least four companies Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, and Samsung have landed in …

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Robots war machines of future wars, the new threat to the world


Developing countries are rapidly making ‘killer robots’. Machines are being developed with artificial intelligence, which will automatically pick and target their targets. Is international legislation important in this regard? From drones to tanks and submarines to missiles, the use of semi-autonomous weapons has become the norm in modern-day wars. But …

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Samsung Galaxy S20 photos leaked key features revealed

Samsung Galaxy S20

There are still weeks to be held at Samsung’s most important event of the year, which announces its flagship devices, but details of its potential devices are being revealed on major technology websites around the world. At the scheduled event on February 11, Samsung will announce the new smartphone of …

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Twitter Decided To Tackle ‘Online Abuse’

Twitter Abuse

Social media platform Twitter has announced that it is reviewing ways to control consumers to prevent online abuse. The company said ‘by experimenting in early 2020, we will evaluate different options for who can respond to tweets’. In addition to this, the company said, ‘The toughest action would be to …

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Major security flaws found in TikTok


‘Byte Dice’, an internet security provider company detects some major security defects in the social media app TikTok, a video streaming service on the Internet. Due to these security flaws, hackers were able to delete or upload a video on this platform, altering personal details and settings.  Researchers at Checkpoint …

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Uber Introduced flying taxi concept design


Ride-sharing company Uber shared the first glimpse of a flying taxi, that transported passengers to the destination by air instead of the road. During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) exhibition in Las Vegas, Hyundai introduced the concept design of a flying taxi for Uber. This prototype model is essentially a …

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After Zong, Jazz also claims to run successfully 5G service


Jazz, one of Pakistan’s major mobile networks, has also claimed to have had a successful 5G experience in Pakistan. Prior to Mobilink, China Mobile Pakistan (CMP), Zong, also claimed to have had a successful experience with 5G. Zong claimed to have had a successful experience with 5G in August 2019, …

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After digital mobiles, Samsung is going to make ‘digital human’

digital human

The world’s largest technology festival “CES2020” is about to start in Las Vegas. The festival, which runs from January 7 to 10, will feature more than 4,000 technology companies and startups in front of two million attendees. Large companies usually introduce their best products such as flagship smartphones, TVs, computers, …

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A joint venture by Apple, Google, and Amazon to make homes smart


Boston: Apple, Amazon, and Google have expressed interest in a joint venture for Internet-connected homes and smart homes. All three companies will work on open source standards for Internet-connected homes and research on much important hardware including the smart speaker. Although no agreement has been reached so far, analysts initially …

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