Wednesday , November 20 2019

Tech News

Huawei launches its much-awaited folding phone


Huawei, the Chinese technology giant, has launched its first much-awaited folding Mate X phone in China, the Verge reported. Huawei hasn’t announced the date of the phone’s global launch. “A global launch plan is under review,” the company had told the Verge in October. The phone is being sold at …

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Facebook secretly using camera of its users


The well-known social media website Facebook has revealed that it uses your phone’s camera without your knowledge. It is revealed that when users are scrolling Facebook News Feed on mobile phones, the camera of the user open in a back window and start working. Related: Video: Pakistani Man Commits Suicide …

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Video: Scientists taught rats to drive cars!!!


Kelly Lambert, study author and head of the University of Richmond’s Lambert Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory, trained two groups of young rats: One bunch raised in an “enriched environment” with toys, ladders, balls and pieces of wood designed to spark mental stimulation, and another reared in a standard, unexciting lab cage. …

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Stay Safer with Google Maps in a Journey

Google Maps

Google has introduced a new feature that prevents you from any freaky event during your journey in a Taxi. This feature was actually designed to avoid Taxi Kidnapping cases in the world. This Stay Safer feature sends you an alert if the Taxi goes 500 meters away from the actual …

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Facebook presents a New Feature: Dark Mode

Facebook Dark Mode

Various websites on Internet use Dark Mode. However, Facebook didn’t use this feature so far. At the beginning of this year, Facebook announced that it would be going for major changings. Consequently, a dark mode was introduced on Facebook web and app. In various countries, this change in Facebook is …

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Enjoy Instagram with more features

shadow feature

To protect the data of its users, Instagram has introduced a new feature. This newly introduced feature will make it easy to protect the data of users. In fact, it is difficult to protect the data of its users from any cyber-attack. However, Instagram provides a new feature to make …

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Following Facebook Tik Tok also banned advertising


China’s most popular social media video application Tik Tok has also banned advertising after Facebook. According to the company, the Tik Tok app is made for entertainment content so it will not be allowed to share ads that are part of provocative or political activities. Ads that are banned include …

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YouTube Music to come as pre-installed app on Android devices

YouTube Music

YouTube Music will come as a pre-installed application on Android devices, The Verge has reported. Google, which owns YouTube, announced that music service will be pre-installed on all devices that have Android 10 and will be a substitute for Google Play Music. It will also come as a pre-installed application on the …

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Facebook is rolling out a test to hide your likes at posts

fb like

Social media site Facebook has said that the company has begun hiding the number of people who like ‘posts’ in Australia. Facebook Authorities said that hiding the likes of the post is in the testing phase right now and that the trial is being done to ease the social pressure …

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WhatsApp’s new feature lets you share statuses to Facebook.


WhatsApp has introduced a new trait that lets you share your WhatsApp Status to your Facebook Story. Users have been tweeted about the arrival of the tool about sharing of WhatsApp status to your Facebook, but the announcement has not yet made officially. The company has posted an FAQ “How …

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